Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Building a bridge with Web 2.0 tools


While preparing a presentation for AIS parents on Web 2.0 tools (Library Buzz: Parents Edition)I was thinking about NESA librarians and how Web 2.0 tools could be used during Library Technology Week next year to strengthen our communication and ties.

Library Technology Week run simultaneously in a number of NESA schools could help our students connect and communicate with peers and share their passion for reading.

Students can post their book reviews, describe their favorite library activities in blogs, pod- and vod- casts, make videos about their library, and create VoiceThreads.

Last year Kirk (SAUS) shared his library lessons with us(see Library Week 2008 at AIS .

Next year Lorna (AISC) and I are thinking about connecting our students via a video project. We hope that "My Library" videos shared through YouTube will expand the walls of our libraries and allow students see another International school in the Near East, its library, and students.

By practicing Web 2.0 tools, our students will gain new experiences and knowledge, build new connections, and definitely have a lot of fun!

Do you wanna join?

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