Monday, February 2, 2009

Advisory Group of NESA Librarians (AGL)

Hello everyone,

Once again we realize that our NESA librarians' blog is a digital bridge connecting us over different locations!

We would like to see the blog as a communication tool: several email addresses we received at the conference last Fall bounce our messages back. If your email address has been changed please let me know and it will be updated in our NESA librarians mailing list.

We hope that you have become a blog follower to keep up with professional news in the region:

We are happy to share a message we've received today from David Chojnacki, NESA Executive Director, that a group of librarians is formally registered as "advisory group". The members of the group are: Martha Langille - TAISM, Gwen Martin – RVIS, Dawn Walle – Dhahran Hills – ARAMCO, Suzie Rampling – Jubail Academy – SA, Kathy Patterson – ASD – Doha, Peggy Knudson and Marina Brodsky – WBAIS.

The group will be working under the aegis of the Professional Learning Advisory Committee (chaired by Gail Seay of AS-Doha), providing the group with input regarding
the professional development needs of library/media professionals in the NESA region.

Next step is to choose someone to be designated as the official contact person.

Any suggestions?

Keep in touch.


doug0077 said...

Good luck to your new group. It might be fun to find a way to meet in Cairo in April.


Marina Brodsky said...

Hi Doug,
Some librarians have told us that they cannot come to NESA conference in Cairo in April. Yup, we have to admit that our professional budgets are limited!

Librarians, if any of you made the early registration for NESA conference, please let me know.

Anonymous said...

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