Monday, November 3, 2008



This is our picture taken on the last day of the conference. Do you still remember it? If you couldn't stay for the last day, please post your picture in the blog yourself.

Doug Johnson gave us advice of how to keep up with new blog postings without going to the blog itself every day. Doug, correct me if I am wrong:
We need to go to Google Reader ( and subscribe to blogs we would like to follow by clicking on ADD Subscription and posting either the feed of the site or its URL. Don't delay and become a follower of our !


doug0077 said...


Yes, GoogleReader allows you to subscribe and follow blogs or any page with an RSS feed.

I am planning to do a more hands-on workshop on Web 2.0 tools at the spring conference in Cairo.

Do you think that would be helpful?

I wonder how many librarians will attend in Cairo that were also in Amman?

All the best,


doug0077 said...

Oh, I have other photos from Jordan here if people would like to download any:


Marina Brodsky said...

Hi Doug,

Nice pictures!

Thank you for sharing.

About Cairo: We'll try to get an answer for you.


doug0077 said...

Thank you, Marina.


Rampling, Suzie said...

I am glad to hear that you will be presenting in Cairo as well. I am sure a lot of our teachers would like to attend as well.

See you there
ISG Jubail
Saudi Arabia

doug0077 said...

Hi Suzie,

Really looking forward to the Cairo experience. Thanks for the note.