Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sharing and Caring: NESA Librarians, Amman Fall 2008

Do you sometimes feel professionally isolated? Do you have problems and need help finding solutions? Have you had experiences unique to Near East librarians? Are you looking for activities for your students with other schools? Would you like to do more with your limited budget? Are you interested in keeping in touch and working with other NESA librarians?

If you said yes to any of the above, then you might be interested in joining in the NESA Librarian Group

Here are some of the issues for group discussion:

> Consortium of schools to leverage database pricing discounts
> Collaboration with other schools re: student projects
> Discussion of library issues and trends, ex. implementation of new ALA S&Bs, eBooks, etc.
> Collaboration with other schools re: visiting authors, poetry month, library week celebrations
> Planning library presentations and workshops at NESA conference


mcgaffey said...

Just checking in.

Lorna flynn

Rampling, Suzie said...

It was great to meet everyone at the NESA Fall Institute. I look forward to sharing with everyone.

doug0077 said...

Hi NESA Librarians,

First, a huge THANKS for the great time at the Fall Institute. You have a powerful cohort of professionals in the ares. I so appreciated your passion and enthusiasm.

Second, I hope you use this blog to enhance your own personal learning network. While many of the challenges you face are universal for all school libraries, many are unique to your region. The solutions to those will come from your peers.

Finally, please keep in touch! I would like to know what topics would be of interest when I visit with you in Cairo this spring.

Again, thanks so much for the great experience. And check my blog - your picture is there!