Monday, March 8, 2010

Plans for next year

Are you planning your new school year and activities?

If you are, there are two events that other NESA librarians keep in mind:

NESA librarians are planning to attend ECIS Librarians' Conference in May 13-15, 2011, Istanbul. Hopefully we all will be able to register on time and reserve places.

Another activity to be scheduled is NESA Library Tech Week. The calendar looks too short to fit it right! We have either a holiday or a break!

Students of the American International schools of Cyprus, Kuwait, Saudi Aramco, and Israel worked together on a variety of projects last year. When you will have seen them all published in NESA Library Week Wiki no doubt is left that you too can add activities to the collection! We hope you'll join us next year and participate in NESA Library Week.

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