Thursday, July 16, 2009

Your replies and further preparations.

"A good library is a place, a palace where the lofty spirits of all nations and generations meet" Samuel Niger (1883-1956).

Thank you everybody for your replies on my posting about the Library Week.
Now, when the school is off and we can relax and do absolutely (or almost) nothing, I can re-read your messages, share them with NESA community and encourage you to continue planning the Library Technology Week project scheduled in November 16 - 20 2009.

In his reply to my last post, Kirk shared his discussion of Three Cups of Tea or Listen of the Wind by Greg Mortenson with K - 9 grade students. Udhailiyah Library students not only read and reviewed the book but also collected money for the project run by the Central Asian Institute on building new schools and educating children (especially girls) in Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan (read more about the project at Kirk writes that "it's been a wonderful week... One of the very best in my educational career!" His motto was "Promoting Peace through education. Be the Change."

Kathy sent a link to a documentary film created during April Poetry Month at her school in Doha. The video is attractive and can be an example of what we can do during our week as well.

Kathleen and Judyth left their messages in the earlier advertised VoiceThread. All suggestions expressed there are worth your attention. I hope you will open your VoiceThread account and join the discussion.

Now in the middle of the summer it’s more chances that your have time to practice some tools and participate in the discussion. So encouraging!

It's becoming obvious that for better planning of the Library Week and sharing our activities, we need a tool that allows everyone to contribute and participate in the event, express ideas, publish pictures, videos, comments, and feel ownership of their ways of working together.

I've recently tried a ning - one of the social networks - and liked it for its user-friendly interface. Join Ning for NESA Librarians. Participate in the discussion, add your opinion, contribute your ideas! My suggestions are published in "Forum".

Looking forward to listening to your posts in VoiceThread and seeing your additions and revisions in the ning.

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